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Sales Hub®

Sales Software

  • Powerful sales software to help teams close more deals, deepen relationships, and manage their pipeline more effectively — all on one connected platform.

  • Free and premium plans that grow with you. Editions starting at:
    - $0/month (Free)
    - $45/month (Starter)
    - $450/month (Professional)
    - $1,200/month (Enterprise)

  • Includes a fully featured sales CRM, sales engagement tools, quote and CPQ functionality, reporting and analytics, and more — plus the ability to seamlessly integrate with more than 1,250 tools in HubSpot’s App Marketplace.

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  1. Your sales process in one place, finally.

    Sales Hub supercharges your sales process and eliminates friction by bringing all your tools and data together on one easy-to-use, powerful CRM platform your whole team loves. Now you’re freed up to focus on what really matters: your customers.

Sales Software That Helps You Sell Faster and Better

  • Start Conversations
  • Deepen Relationships
  • Manage Your Pipeline

Get noticed, and never miss an opportunity to connect with prospects.

Start Conversations

Popular Features:

  • Email Templates
    Turn your best sales emails into templates you can personalize, optimize, and share with your team.
  • Email Tracking
    Know the second a lead opens an email so you can follow up at exactly the right time and close deals faster than ever.
  • Document Management & Tracking
    Build a library of helpful sales content, share documents right from Gmail or Outlook, and see which content closes deals.
Conversation Intelligence
Automatically capture call details, then unlock coaching opportunities with AI-powered insights.
Call Tracking
Prioritize your day’s sales calls. Make, record, and automatically log calls in your CRM for maximum efficiency.
Sales Automation
Set up a series of automated, personalized emails and follow-up tasks to make sure you stay top of mind throughout the sales process.

Build trust and establish lasting relationships.

Deepen Relationships

Popular Features:

  • Meeting Scheduler
    Schedule meetings faster and forget the back-and-forth emails. Your calendar stays full, and you stay productive.
  • Payments
    Grow your business faster with quick and secure payments in an easy-to-use, commerce-powered CRM platform.
  • Live Chat
    Connect with prospects when they’re on your website. Route chats to the right salesperson to close more deals.

Automate administrative tasks, and get full visibility into the health of your business.

Pipeline management with Sales Hub

Popular Features:

  • Sales Management Playbooks
    Help your team close deals faster. Arm them with competitive battlecards, call scripts, positioning guides, and more.
  • Quotes
    Generate polished, branded quotes in seconds. Send quotes when your product is top of mind to close deals faster.
  • Sales Analytics and Reporting
    Get full visibility into your process so you can forecast effectively and deliver exceptional results.
Mobile CRM App
Move work forward by managing your sales process, outreach, and team collaboration from any place and device.
Pipeline Management
Add deals, assign tasks, and monitor progress in your dashboards to make tracking sales pipelines a breeze.
Account-Based Marketing
Build deeper relationships and turn your high-value target accounts into customers. Collaborative tools unite your sales and marketing teams.

Have questions? Give us a call and we'll walk you through it.

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Sales Software That Grows With You

Start with free tools and upgrade as you grow, or hit the ground running with one of our premium editions.

HubSpot users consistently praise our sales software on review site G2.com


See How Customers Use Sales Hub to Grow Better

It's possible to love your sales CRM. For HubSpot customers, that's the reality. But don't just take our word for it ...

  • Avison Young Sees 90% Adoption Rate With HubSpot

    “HubSpot gives our brokers the features they need to work more efficiently. Choosing something they were already familiar with seemed like a natural progression. And that decision has paid dividends.”

    -Mike Hart, Global Chief Information Officer, Avison Young

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  • HubSpot Solutions Partner Revenue River Uses Sales Hub to Improve US Mortgage's Sales Efficiency

    “The features and tools we use with HubSpot are the CRM and the sales tools — we started with Sales Hub Professional, we've moved up to Sales Hub Enterprise ... The combination of Revenue River and HubSpot is very helpful. Data is being collected 24/7, workflows are there, and that's always happening behind the scenes. This allows us to grow better.”

    - Dave Scilabro, Growth Consultant, US Mortgages

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  • Sendle Increases Activation Rates by 50% With HubSpot

    "The real challenge for us is, we want to communicate consistently to our customers ... Having sales and marketing being across everything the customer does in one place really helps us with that — it really helps us message correctly. It also helps with sharing information within the sales team as to what the customer has already received and what the next step is for us and how we can best convert that customer into a long-term sender with us."

    - Mohnish Prasad, Head of Sales, Sendle

    Read the full case study ⟶

Sales software that helps your team supercharge their sales process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sales software includes everything you need for sales productivity and optimization on a single platform. It facilitates lead generation and tracking, easy-to-use sales automation, and allows for lead scoring to understand how each area of your sales cycle is performing.

    Rather than using multiple tools to accomplish each of these tasks separately, HubSpot’s sales software enables teams to do all their work under one roof. Save time and energy by using a single tool, rather than splitting up your team’s energy (and information) across multiple platforms.

  • HubSpot’s sales software is called Sales Hub. Many of Sales Hub’s tools are available for free, with more advanced features designed to help automate and scale your sales operations available in Starter, Professional, and Enterprise editions.

  • You bet! You’ll find more than 1,250 custom integrations in our App Marketplace — making it easy to connect HubSpot to your favorite tools in just a few clicks.

  • Yes. Our customer success team is committed to getting you up and running in days or weeks (not months) so you can start selling better sooner. Looking for more customization and expertise? Our solutions partners offer a wide range of specialized support to help you get the most out of your HubSpot implementation.

  • Unlike a lot of software that’s been built by acquisition, Sales Hub was built from the ground up as part of HubSpot's connected CRM platform — all to help our customers grow better. It’s both deeply powerful and uniquely easy to use. The result? Your team gets up and running faster, allowing you to achieve ROI more quickly. Learn more about the differences between HubSpot and Salesforce

  • Popular features in HubSpot’s sales software include:

    • Beautiful, professional-looking email templates

    • Tracking and analytics to understand the efficacy of your sales team’s work

    • Document tracking to more easily generate purchase orders and sales collateral

    • Call tracking and recording

    • Contact management to keep your sales contacts organized within your CRM

  • Getting started with sales software is almost instantaneous. After you provide your sales team with access to the sales tools appropriate for their role, they’ll be able to log in and use them right away. Functionality like email templates, call tracking, and contact logging start working immediately.

    For more advanced teams, features like conversation intelligence elevate your sales organization. They’re available from the start, but take time to generate critical insights.

  • Of course! With custom objects (available in the enterprise edition of Sales Hub), you have complete flexibility and control to match your CRM data to your business. You’ll have full flexibility to name the object, determine its properties, and decide what other objects it can be associated with. And you can easily sort, automate, and report on data associated with them right in HubSpot. Plus, with more than 1,160 custom integrations in our App Marketplace, you can easily connect HubSpot to your favorite tools in just a few clicks.

  • They sure are! HubSpot’s free tools are not a free trial, so there is no credit card required to start using them. They’re 100% free — simple as that. You can add 1,000,000 contacts, unlimited users, and your free access has no time limit. Learn more about HubSpot’s free sales CRM functionality.

  • Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub are each part of HubSpot's connected CRM platform to help you grow better. When you use two or more hubs together, your data is automatically connected on the platform, enabling you to easily (and powerfully) track your entire customer journey from first website visit, to closed deal, to happy customer.